Are you creating bad vibes? Writing Advice


I don’t know about you, but… I used to feel hurt, guilty, and otherwise awful when someone would criticize my work, write a bad comment, or rate my stories less than 5 stars. It used to linger in the front of my mind for days, often clouding my judgement on how I felt about myself […]

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Clear the Pathway


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3 Things I learned from a LEGIT retreat in Mexico


  Who are the Toltecs and why do they matter? The Toltec civilization emerged in what is now central Mexico about 400 years before Christ. The culture is still very much alive today but their teachings and ancient wisdom is known by few. One of the most well-known Masters of Toltec wisdom is Don Miguel […]

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Join me in Mexico…From your Couch!


Join me in Mexico while I explore the Toltec ruins and ancient teachings with Leigh Burton, Founder of Soul Intentions and Director of H.U.B. Inc. …All from the comfort of your couch! This month I will be co-hosting and covering the story of Leigh Burton‘s Spirit Women Retreat. Leigh will be taking us on a journey through […]

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Journey to the Hoover Dam

Lindsay R. Allison - Hoover Dam

After a lonely, scenic drive through the barren desert lands; suddenly, you can feel a hint of activity emerging from somewhere underground. A rumble, almost. Is it your imagination? It may well be, for you’ve been driving for so long. But there is a hidden world beneath you — in the ruptures of the black mountains. […]

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How Homebrewing is Changing the Toronto Brewing Scene


With pint prices on the rise and craft beer prevailing, Toronto’s ever-growing crowd of beer lovers are taking to homebrewing. In this city beer connoisseurs are turning into brew masters. It’s a rapidly growing scene that reflects the local love of craft beer. In 2013, one of Toronto’s most active homebrewing clubs met for the […]

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How to actually forgive someone…permanently.


Resentment is when you carry the pain within you. Carrying the pain causes more pain and perpetual suffering. When you carry pain, your mind becomes resentful, clouded, and it’s easy to misjudge. So whenever somebody hurts you — stop. Step back. What is it that you’re supposed to learn? What did you learn from this […]

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