3 Things I learned from a LEGIT retreat in Mexico


Who are the Toltecs and why do they matter?

The Toltec civilization emerged in what is now central Mexico about 400 years before Christ. The culture is still very much alive today but their teachings and ancient wisdom is known by few.

One of the most well-known Masters of Toltec wisdom is Don Miguel Ruiz, bestselling author of “The Four Agreements”.

Last week I attended Leigh Burton’s retreat in Mexico based around Toltec wisdom and Toltec teachings, offering practical guidance to personal freedom.

At the Mayan Riviera we learned how to deal with the voices inside our head that are the source of limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.

Here are the top 3 things I learned at the retreat:


1. There is no “good” and “bad”. Good/bad are just human/mind concepts.

Duality: concepts of light/dark, bad/good, devil/God, demon/angel.


You can’t have Yin without Yang.

Science proves that all material in the Universe is made up of the same stuff. The same dust that’s made up of stars and planets and earth and atoms.

So nothing is really “bad”.

It’s just how we respond to things.


2. We can’t function as “Spirit” in a human body.

Everything that makes us US are our experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

And those “FILTERS” that allow 2 kids from the same mother, treated exactly the same, to experience two totally different realities.

Because spirit DOESN’T JUDGE, to function completely as “SPIRIT” means we’d have no connection to the BODY.

We cannot function as “Spirit” in a human body.

So we have to learn how to DEAL with our own thoughts, patterns, behaviours, and mindset in order to function as:


3. Past lives don’t really matter.


Whatever happened to you before can help you connect some dots and coincidences in your life now……so it’s really cool to be able to know what happened to you………

………but ultimately, being identified with what happened to you in the past (and similarly, past experiences in your life NOW)………can make you:

— want to live vicariously through DEFINITIONS and CHARACTER.

How you define yourself is not YOU.

When you SAY you’re ONE THING, SOME BODY, or SOME THING, you’re automatically EXCLUDING all other things.

For example, when somebody says, “I’m depressed,” then they’re also saying that they’re “not happy”. But what if they say to themselves they’re BOTH depressed and happy?

THEN what would happen?

Do we even realize that by defining ourselves as SOME THING means we’re NOT any of the others?

The truth all exists in the mind.


That’s why we’re all in the DREAM WORLD….“MAYA”.

MAYA, by definition, means MAGIC or ILLUSION.

In my confession I spoke about the 1 secret I had kept hidden from the public for a very long time………

And only feel comfortable about revealing it now. You can watch my confession in this video.

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