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Award-Winning Author, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

I help you tell your story and share it with the world. Write, edit, and publish your books. Together, we develop your vision.

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“My vision is to empower you to heal yourself. YOU can do ANYTHING as long as your mind believes it!”

LINDSAY R. ALLISON Writing | Editing | Publishing specializes in editing and producing books. Since 2009 we have helped hundreds of aspiring authors on their writing journeys. When you submit your manuscript, we help you create a plan for either self-publishing, or assist you in the process of submitting query letters and proposals to literary agents and traditional publishers (i.e. Penguin Random House Canada, etc.). As CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay R. Allison has ghostwritten, collaborated, and helped produce over 20 projects that have either been self-published or published traditionally. In 2016 she helped produce 2 #1 Bestsellers.


Lindsay is an Award-Winning Author and Writer helping others develop their visions. She received her first traditional publishing deal for “The Stones” when she was only sixteen. Her projects include producing press releases for journals and magazines on various topics, interviewing successful community influencers, contributing to multiple blogs, editing academic work (including at PhD level), and creating marketing copy for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Most of all, she specializes in creating and publishing books.

Lindsay has been mentored by some of the best in the industry, including leading influencers in women’s empowerment, and Trump’s Executive VP, George H. Ross.

In the meantime she likes hanging out with her cats, Lu and Roger.

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L I N D S A Y  R.  A L L I S O N  .C O M
Award-Winning Author, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Congrats on publishing the books! You are a woman of many talents. Very impressive. I am not familiar with spirituality but will check it out. Wishing you every success in all your endeavours.

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