Most of what comes to mind are from dreams. My works tread upon the borderlines of what we think is reality. With these works I invite you to explore my mind, my world—through yours.

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Are YOU ready?Featuring: Tahani Aburaneh, Maria Charberet, Tony Chen, Tim JP Collins, Nancy Dass, Susan Flanagan, Gillian Irving, Joey Ragona, Monika Jazyk, Teresa Solowczuk, Andy Tran, Cindy Wennerstrom, Marcin Wroblewski, and Aneta Zimnicki

Co Authored by Lindsay R. Allison and Todor Yordanov
Edited by Lindsay R. Allison

The Stones by Lindsay R. Allison

“The Stones” by Lindsay R. Allison – In this philosophical parable, a young man copes with death by discovering himself along the shores of a spiritual passageway. As he reminisces about his past, he is faced with incorporeal beings that have the power to either guide or corrupt him. This is the newly improved version of “The Stones” that was previously published in “A Caledon Collection”.


The Regeneration Rhythm by Lindsay R. Allison, coming soon to ebook readers May 24 2014

“The Regeneration Rhythm” by Lindsay R. Allison – Human beings are both blessed and cursed by being born directly on the midpoint of two realities—the reality in the mind, and the reality outside of it. Every once in a while we can experience realizations and revelations that shock us into total cognizance or awareness. If we pay attention to these moments, they can assist in rejuvenating and regenerating, increasing our consciousnesses, allowing us to flourish as individuals to our full potentials. Explore the valley of awareness on the journey towards presence. The Regeneration Rhythm: A Road to Awareness is an intricate network of philosophical poetry that is in itself a paradox reminiscent of the teachings of the Tao Te Ching, Buddhism, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Eckhart Tolle. Available now.


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“The Stones” short story by Lindsay R. Allison inside A Caledon Collection published by David Field of Giant Beaver Publications.

The organization and implementation of this collection was made possible by Donna and Paul Forster of Forster’s Book Garden in Bolton, ON., Canada.

This collection features 11 fictional short stories chosen from 42 submissions and all the authors have their own special connection to Caledon, Ontario. In this unique compilation you will find: A young nomad bound by his traditions; a routine day gone completely off course; love being found in the phone book; a man confronting his exact double; young tragedy leading to The Stones; a boy unable to remember his own name, searching for safety and his memory; a man fighting a cat for his lover s attention; a young monk gaining control of his anger; a young woman battling social bounds to be with her love; a talented artist with barely a friend; and an aspiring writer learning from an ex-con.


—Lindsay R. Allison

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